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Calling all Stranger Things fans — and we know there are a lot of you! — it’s about that time. Yeah, sure, we’re talking about the highly anticipated season 2 premiere on Oct. 27, but that’s not all. We’re also referring to Halloween, the best time to show off your pet’s love for the Netflix hit show.

Thanks to our friends at, along with the help of some crafty celeb pets (including Doug the Pug, obviously!), here’s a specially curated collection of DIY Stranger Things-inspired costumes for your Demogorgon-behaved dog or your Eleven-lookalike cat.


As Rover advises, “search your family’s closets, hit the thrift shop, or just log in to Amazon for all of the clothing and wig pieces. Your favorite craft store can supply you with any odds and ends you might need to customize your dog’s look.” (You can take Rover’s quiz to figure out your pet’s perfect character costume.)

Here are a few of our favorite Stranger disguises, modeled by a handful of Insta-famous dogs gone “Upside Down.”


A pink doll or small child’s dress, a blonde wig, some tube socks, a navy jacket and a box of Eggo waffles make Eleven come to (canine) life.


Also, check out Doug the Pug’s parody video (above) for a “lab rat” version of the Eleven costume, complete with hospital gown, hand-crafted head gear and a Coke can.


An Army-style green jacket, a dark messy wig (or au naturel scruffy ears), a Sharpie pen, an old ’80s-style phone and some battery-powered Christmas lights easily get the job done for Winona Ryder’s distraught mom character.

Or make it a couple’s costume, with your pup playing the part of “the wall”!


If your pup has a cute, toothless grin, this member of the Stranger Things crew might be your go-to get-up. A dark, curly dog wig, a baseball cap and an ’80s-inspired T-shirt complete the look.

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If you’ve got a monster mutt, crafting your own multiple-mouthed collar built from a dreaded cone-of-shame creates a fun and freaky costume.


Gone, but never forgotten, your pup can pay homage to one of the show’s most beloved (RIP) characters with a red dog wig, a high-necked bow blouse and a pair of ’80s-style eyeglasses.

Finally, if any Philistine asks what your dog is supposed to be, just tell ’em, “She’s our friend and she’s crazy.”


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