Dogs Desperately Seeking Pancakes Start House Fire, Watch It Burn Until Help Arrives

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The Southwick Fire Department of Massachusetts recently posted a video on its Facebook page titled “Alarm Works,” to remind everyone of exactly that: When there is a fire in your home, an alarm could save your life.

A local resident shared the video with the fire department, after a blaze started in their home from an unpredictable source.

A Nest security camera ($168.00, at the home, caught the whole thing. In the footage, on the right-hand side, you can see the family’s dogs, who are home alone, standing up near the stove. Turns out the pups were trying to reach leftover pancakes set on the range.

In their pursuit for breakfast the dogs accidentally hit the ignition for the gas stove, causing the unattended appliance to set fire to something left on the burners. The blaze quickly grows in size, grabbing the attention of the furry fire starters, who sit down on a nearby couch to watch until they fall asleep.

Luckily, the homeowners had a fire alarm in place, which was wired to notify first responders to the emergency. They can be seen arriving in the video and working to put out the flames.

Because of the speedy response to this fire, there was no serious damage and neither of the dogs were hurt.

The fire department hopes this video encourages everyone to make sure their alarms are in place and operational, and that those with small children and/or pets look into investing in stove controls ($7.29,

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